Motorola Portables


Explosive gas, combustible dust, chemical vapors, from an oil rig, an open mine or a confined space, your workers confront difficult conditions every day. Safe, reliable communications are absolutely critical in such hazardous environments. That’s why you need the power and performance of the CSA-rated MOTOTRBO digital radios.

The MOTOTRBO XPR 7550 I.S. combines full-power two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers advanced features and enhanced usability, and delivers increased capacity to connect all your employees.

With exceptional voice quality, long battery life and a CSA safety rating, the XPR 7550 I.S. keeps your workers connected safely and productively, wherever the job takes them.

MTX1550/MTX4550 Portable Two-Way Radio


Professionals who work in areas where an explosive atmosphere could form as a mixture of air, flammable gases, vapors, ignitable dust or other environmental dangers, can depend on the Motorola MTX1550 and MTX4550 portable radios. These radios are ideal for daily use in such industries as Petroleum/Oil Refining, Mining and Chemical Manufacturing.

XPR 6550 Portable Two-Way Radio

The XPR 6550 digital portable two-way radio with display has an integrated GPS modem for advanced location tracking. The radio delivers reliable communication by combining two-way radio functionality with digital technology. It permits easy migration with operation in both analog and digital, and is available in UHF and VHF versions, both with 160 channels.

This radio is part of the MOTOTRBO series, delivering increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice capability.

CP185 Portable Two-Way Radio
Ideal for educational institutions, retail and hospitality businesses, service and manufacturing industries and many other demanding, professional applications, the Motorola CP185™ brings you a robust two-way radio solution. The CP185 has an extensive feature set including built-in voice scrambling for increased privacy, VOX capability for hands-free communication, 5 programmable buttons and X-Pand™ Technology to provide crisp, clear and strong audio quality even in noisy environments. Combined with the compact, lightweight design of the CP185, you get just what it takes to enhance communication while increasing productivity.
CP200 Portable Two-Way Radio

The CP200TM portable two-way radio offers the increased communication flexibility with features such as push-to-talk ID and selective call. Powerful audio output penetrates noisy environments, providing clear, crisp audio at any volume. A lightweight, ergonomic design makes this radio comfortable to carry and operate. To provide the range thats best for your business, the CP200 radio is available in both 4W UHF and 5W VHF models. A range of battery choices and rapid recharging capabilities help ensure radio readiness.

EX560XLS Portable Two-Way Radio

Designed to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments, Motorola's EX560XLS two-way radio delivers exceptional quality, performance, durability and reliability, keeping users in contact when conditions turn rough. This compact, rugged radio is built for durability with IP67 specifications for protection against water and dust intrusion.

The radio has six programmable buttons to ensure fast communication and an ergonomically designed Push-to-Talk button that provides easy operation, even with gloved hands.

HT750 Portable Two-Way Radio

The HT750TM  radio is the affordable solution for professionals who require a rugged and reliable radio to stay in contact. This practical radio can easily help increase productivity by keeping users connected and free to concentrate on the job at hand. And with Motorola's unique X-PandTM  technology, audio quality is clean and crisp in most environments.

HT1250 Portable Two-Way Radio

The Motorola HT1250TM portable two-way radio is an exceptional tool for growing organizations because of its versatility. The radio offers a full menu of advanced signaling features, including paging and calling selective radios or groups. Information such as phone numbers, call lists and radio IDs are stored for easy access. Onboard X-PandTM technology results in superb audio clarity, even in noisy surroundings. The large LCD screen provides an important feature for critical situations.

BPR40 Portable Two-Way Radio

Mag One by Motorola

The BPR40 portable two-way radio delivers reliable, intuitive communication through 8 channels and 12 programmable buttons. The high-/low-power option saves battery charge. Features such as nuisance channel delete and repeater talkaround make the radio a versatile, high-performance device. The BPR40 is part of the Mag One by Motorola radio portfolio. This affordable solution gives remarkable quality and value that is perfect for your business, and comes with a complete assortment of accessories to customize your radio.

CP110 UHF/VHF Portable Two-Way Radio
The Motorola CP110 provides your business with a competitive communications edge, enhancing employee efficiency and overall profitability. Affordable and easy to use the CP110 helps keep your operations on schedule, maximize job-shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction. Compatible with other radios operating on the same frequency and code, the versatile CP110 also has a full complement of accessories for customizing the radio to suit your needs.

Motorola Mobiles

XPR 5000 Series Mobile Two-Way Radio

From the delivery driver crisscrossing the city to the sanitation crew clearing streets, your employees work smarter and safer with MOTOTRBO™ XPR 5000 Series mobile two-way radios.

The XPR 5000 Series offers a full set of features and rich functionality in one powerful device. It delivers superb audio and quality, optional full color display, integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, text messaging and expert applications customized for your business.

XPR 5000 Series Includes:

XPR 5350 Numeric Display Radio (VHF, UHF)
XPR 5380 Numeric Display Radio (800/900 MHz)
XPR 5550 Full-Color, 4-Line Display Radio (VHF, UHF)
XPR 5580 Full-Color, 4-Line Display Radio (800/900 MHz)

XPR 4550 Mobile Two-Way Radio

Combining the best of two-way radio with digital technology, the MOTOTRBO XPR 4550 digital mobile radio delivers increased capacity, exceptional voice quality and integrated data communication via the industry’s largest third party application developer program. MOTOTRBO is built to the globally recognized ETSI DMR Tier 2 standard.

Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the XPR 4550 features an integrated GPS module, alpha-numeric display, up to 1,000 channel capability, four programmable buttons, large volume knob for ease of use and a powerful, front projecting speaker.

CDM1250 Mobile Two-Way Radio

Perfect for growing organizations, the flexible CDM1250 mobile two-way radio can readily expand to meet rapidly changing business needs. Enhanced audio and a powerful front-projecting speaker ensure superb sound clarity, even in noisy environments. The display's user-friendly icons make information easy to understand. A full range of signaling capabilities includes such features as Caller ID and customizable call lists.

CDM1550LS+ Mobile Two-Way Radio

High-performing features combined with versatile trunking capabilities make the CDM1550LS the smart choice to keep mobile work teams performing at their best. The Motorola CDM1550LS+ Mobile Two Way Radio incorporates UHF LTR trunking capabilities offering you wider calling range, faster channel access, greater privacy and higher user and talkgroup capacity as well as innovative PassPort trunking. Ideal for users with growing communication needs.

CM200 Mobile Two-Way Radio

With its large controls, powerful 4-watt speaker and bright LED indicators, the CM200 mobile two-way radios frees drivers to keep their attention on the road. Two programmable buttons accomodate up to four features, such as tight/loose squelch, repeater talkaround and nuisance channel delete. This radio is part of the CM series from Motorola, a solution engineered to deliver unprecedented quality in value, reliability, ease-of-use, audio quality, size and weight, programmability and range.

CM300 Mobile Two-Way Radio

With a versatile 32 channels, powerful 4-watt speaker and alphanumeric dispaly, the CM200 mobile two-way radios lets users concentrate on the road. Four programmable buttons accomodate up to eight features, such as two-channel home revert, Escalert and phone mode. This radio is part of the CM series from Motorola, a solution engineered to deliver unprecedented quality in value, reliability, ease-of-use, audio quality, size and weight, programmability and range.

Motorola Repeaters

XPR 8300 Repeater

The XPRTM 8300 repeater is a continuous-duty unit that supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode. It mounts easily in wall or rack systems. This repeater is part of the MOTOTRBO series, delivering increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications through a complete solution.