TELUS Services

Listed are Services offered by TELUS. These are services that can be added onto your phone. Click on the categories below to view those Services.



Pre-Authorized Payments
Canada to International Text Messaging
Voice Mail
Voice Mail to Text
Call Forwarding
411 Directory Assistance
Special numbers: Public services and information


Bundle 1
Bundle 2
Bundle 3

Business Add-ons

Premium Service & Support
Canada to International Text Messaging
TELUS Link 15
TELUS Link 35
Conference on Demand

Long Distance Calling

Unlimited Nationwide
Unlimited US
International Calling
International Long Distance Saver

Roaming: US

US Easy Roam
US Combo Travel Passes
US All-in-One Roaming for Business
Single-use roaming U.S. for Business
TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S.

Roaming: International

Cuba Travel Passes
Mexico Travel Passes
Caribbean Travel Passes
Europe Travel Passes
Australia-NZ Travel Passes
India Travel Passes
East Asia Travel Passes
International Travel Passes - Zone 1 (Mexico, Western Europe, Oceania)
International Travel Passes - Zone 2 (Eurasia, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Middle East)

Device Care

TELUS Device Care
TELUS Device Care Premium

Apps & Entertainment


TELUS Prepaid

4G Data Add-ons
BlackBerry® Social
Messaging Add-ons
Pay Per Day Add-ons
Voicemail 10
Evenings & Weekends 10

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