TELUS Services

Listed are Services offered by TELUS. These are services that can be added onto your phone. Click on the categories below to view those Services.



Canada to International Text Messaging
Starter Pack Plus
Data Top-Ups
Data Lite Flex 15+
iPhone Visual Voicemail
Voicemail to Text
Call Forwarding
BlackBerry App World
411 Directory Assistance
Special numbers: Public services and information

Long Distance Calling

International Long Distance Saver
Unlimited US
Unlimited Canada
Unlimited International

Roaming: US

US Easy Roam
US Combo Travel Passes

Roaming: International

Easy Roam International
Cuba Travel Passes
Discover Travel Passes
Explorer Travel Passes

Business Add-ons

TELUS Link 15
TELUS Link 35
Conference on Demand
Dream Payments Debit and Credit Card Reader

Business Roaming: US

TELUS Business Roam Ready U.S.
US All-in-One Roaming for Business

Business Roaming: International

Business Passports | Europe
Business Passports | Caribbean & Mexico
Business Passports | East Asia
Business Passports | Australia & New Zealand
Business Passports | India & Sri Lanka
Business Passports | Cuba
Business Passports | Zone 2

Device Care

TELUS Device Care

TELUS Prepaid

4G Data Add-ons
BlackBerry® Social
Voice Add-ons
Unlimited One Number
Voicemail 10
Long Distance Saver

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